Bestune completes its preparations to participate in the Saudi International Car Carnival, Autoville Riyadh

"Bestune", through its exclusive agent in the Kingdom, the Taajeer Group, confirmed its full readiness to participate in the Saudi International Automobile Carnival, which will be hosted by the capital, Riyadh, from January 8 to 14, 2022, in Dirab Square. The participation of Piston in the Saudi International Car Carnival, Autoville Riyadh, is a consolidation of the success witnessed by Bestune cars in the Saudi market, and the brand's keenness to present all models, which will be displayed exclusively to visitors to the international exhibition.

The Riyadh Autoville Carnival is the first international exhibition to be held in Saudi Arabia for car enthusiasts from different countries of the world, and it is expected to witness large participations from the largest local and international brands. It captures the attention of a large segment of interested and specialists in the automotive sector, and Piston has announced the launch of the new model B70, the all-new sedan icon, which will be an added value to the Bestune fleet, which will give Bestune enthusiasts the opportunity to get acquainted with the new model, after it won Significant updates to keep pace with the latest international designs in the mid-size sedan segment.

Bestune will display the all-new, multi-purpose T99, which was revealed for the first time in the Kingdom, at a large ceremony held earlier in Riyadh and Jeddah. The Bestune will also showcase the T77, a best-in-class SUV, and the T33, a new concept of elegance and sporty utility vehicle performance.

We affirm our commitment to providing the latest and finest high-tech, high-quality and luxurious products, and we will continue our commitment to our customers by providing the best services they aspire to in order to build a sustainable relationship in which we maintain their trust, which is the basis for our continued success and motivation for us to provide more towards them. Bestune cars come with a strong and exceptional warranty in the Saudi car market for a period of 6 years, open kilometers.

It is worth noting that the International Automobile Carnival in Riyadh, which is held under the supervision and organization of the General Authority for Exhibitions and Conferences in Saudi Arabia, is accompanied by a number of activities and events, the most important of which is the forum for luxury and rare classic cars. And a car exhibition in which the most important international brands participate in order to display the latest technologies and innovations in the automotive industry, as well as a track for driving experiences