Models and Prices

Bestune B70 2023 comfort starts from 83,583 ريال

Bestune B70 Premium 2023 starts from 94,393 ريال

Bestune B70 Limousine 2023 starts from 103,593 ريال

(VAT & Plate issuing fees included)



Bestune B70

The Bestune B70 contains the best in advanced technology, ensuring that every driver's journey is enjoyable and comfortable. 


The technologically innovative Bestune B70 features world-class design and technology, delivering exhilarating driving performance, featuring a 12.4-inch HD display and a smart phone-to-screen entertainment system. 


4-cylinder 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with 214 horsepower.​

 It also has an aluminum suspension system that gives strong stability in the corners.

It also has a 6-speed automatic transmission that is designed in a distinctive, sporty way, and has been designed to be fast and easy to maneuver.


BESTUNE B70 features the best levels of protection and safety that make the driver feel safe and comfortable.

It comes equipped with many safety systems such as a camera, reverse radar, automatic unlocking after collision, tire pressure monitoring system, automatic cruise control and many other systems, in addition to a set of front and side airbags in the event of any emergency on the road..

Exterior Design

The Bestune B70 has attracted a lot with its elegant design that combines powerful performance with modern luxury.

The design of the Bestune B70 is distinguished by the grille and the design of the headlights and taillights, where the headlights are a weapon used in ancient China, and the full-width taillights stand out between the roads. 

Interior Design

Inside, the car showcases a distinctive cabin that embodies unique style and quality materials along with modern and sophisticated touches. 

Bestune B70 offers smart equipment, entertainment and transmission with a sporty design.