Models and Prices

بيستون B70S بريميوم 2023 تبدأ من 94,163 ريال

بيستون B70S ليموزين 2023 تبدأ من 99,683 ريال

بيستون B70S بريميوم 2023 تبدأ من 101,063 ريال

بيستون B70S ليموزين 2023 تبدأ من 105,893 ريال

(VAT & Plate issuing fees included)


Bestune B70s

We discover the future relying on the latest automotive technology

Bestune B70S comes with an upgraded intelligent driving system that is enhanced with the latest driving technology. We guarantee that you will feel the exact meaning of relaxation while driving, especially if you are a fan of boldness that is equipped with safety and driver protection systems, because the car is programmed with many systems, for example:

Anti-lock braking system, Anti-skid for flexible driving, Electronic stability control, Tire pressure monitoring, Lane departure warning system, 360 surround vision sensor system, Audio system, Equipped with a 12.3-inch LED screen, dual connected to the ventilation system sensor screen through which you can connect the smartphone as well as a wireless charger, so that we can guarantee you a complete drive.  


With the power and torque of 224 horsepower and an aluminum suspension system for complete stability in turns and slopes.

The car is available with two types of high-quality engines:

1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with turbocharging.

2-liter 4-cylinder engine with turbocharging. 

And for unmatched control, the car has an automatic transmission with a modern, sporty design


BESTUNE B70S is characterized by the best levels of protection and safety, as it guarantees the protection of the driver and passengers, due to its strong structure. 

It comes equipped with many safety systems such as a 360-degree camera, cruise control, tire pressure monitoring system and many others, in addition to a set of front and side airbags.

Exterior Design

We care about aesthetic details to achieve perfect harmony between form and performance

The car is characterized by aesthetic touches that are in perfect harmony with the wind speed and flexible driving
The car's daytime running headlights feature an aerodynamic piece inspired by the shape of a claw, and the car's rear lights feature reactive rhythm with warning light
Stent carefully designed and sporty curves to ensure smooth airflow

Interior Design

A modern sporty design for a unique drive equipped with all means of entertainment and luxury

The car is equipped with a panoramic sunroof, a multi-function steering wheel, a 12.3-inch LED screen, and a wireless charger.

To ensure complete comfort, we have chosen automatic control leather seats.
We designed the doors with golden threads of a sporty nature.